High Payoff Business Strategies You Can Implement Now

Making the Most of Your Down Time – High Payoff Business Strategies You Can Implement Now

Since the Coronavirus has much of the global population on alert, I’m guessing that you’re not getting out as much as you normally do.  I’m also guessing that, as an entrepreneur, you are concerned about keeping your business profitable through all this.

My friend and colleague, Rob Goyette, shared some great tips for making the most of the downtime we are experiencing now, and they are so good and timeless that I decided to share them with you.

These tips can help you stay focused on high payoff tasks to keep your business growing while you are stuck at home, and even after this crisis ends. This is the epitome of turning crisis into opportunity.

Keep in mind that what sells anything is an irresistible offer backed by trust. Trust comes from consistently providing truly beneficial content.  These tips can help you do that.

Also keep in mind that the larger your audience, the easier it is to sell more of your products and services once you have established trust and value. So, as you implement these tips, keep that in mind.

Anything you can do to build and nurture your audience now will pay off later, and if you’ve already done a great job of nurturing them, they will continue to buy from you. Keep in mind that, in the current climate, people may make decisions a little differently right now than they would have a month ago (and will again when life gets back to normal).

Use these tips to build your audience, nurture them, and make irresistible offers that can help them get back to thriving as soon as possible.

  1. Run Facebook Ads to your lead magnet (a free download, for example) and start nurturing those leads for at least 30 days (no selling).
  2. Explore podcasts where you can get interviewed, prepare a short and long talk, reach out to the hosts, offer to be a guest, and have a great/congruent call to action (lead magnet, strategy session, maybe laser coaching if the interview builds enough trust for that). Be sure to approve your call to action with the host.
  3. Plan a giveaway. Make a list of your ideal Joint Venture (JV) partners and create a giveaway theme. Set a date, reach out to see if your chosen JV partners will contribute something and tell their audience about your event. Create an opt-in page and a gift page, and set up the right autoresponder lists to keep in touch with your partners and your giveaway guests. Later, if you’ve done a good job networking with your partners, you can JV with them individually as you’ll likely have a big list after the giveaway.
  4. Create your automated webinar and find trusted sources (JV partners, LinkedIn, Facebook Live, etc.) to send people to your webinar.
  5. Send broadcast emails to your list to further nurture them.
  6. Build out your nurture sequence even more. Create a series of emails with helpful tips and strategies you can send out weekly or bi-monthly to keep in touch with your clients in beneficial (to them) ways.
  7. Create/Update your results model for how you get results for clients.
  8. Get a “master’s degree” in some area of your business by really studying it (great gifts can be found in giveaways.)
  9. Study your ideal JV partners and see what they’re up to and how they do things.
  10. Send out a 3-day email campaign to your audience (ideally those who trust you most). Day 1: announce your offer; Day 2: provide social proof (testimonials/case studies); Day 3: Limit access opportunity (state when the offer ends and end it when stated).

These are sound strategies that will help you grow your business in any economy. Begin them now and keep up the momentum. You’ll love the results!